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When running a business there are many things to think about, from payroll, to staffing issues to the customers. With the increasing need for an online presence nowadays, further things need to be considered in order to keep the websites well-managed and secure for both the back end systems and the customer-facing front end.


Some business owners let the IT staff deal with anything technical, but the broad internet security spectrum is full of many different specialisms and there are impartial companies who excel in keeping software verified and databases secure. One such company is IFBusDev LLC, who can help a company of any size keep ahead.

Financial Industry Overview

Financial services companies compete in a global business environment in which speed and differentiation must be achieved while constantly driving costs down. IFBusDev LLC’s business and financial services help banks, insurers and capital markets companies to enhance their performance to succeed in this highly competitive industry.  Our services help financial planners by providing software solutions.


IFBusDev LLC can help banks consolidate, rationalize and automate to outperform their competitors. IFBusDev LLC, working with industry professionals, in retail, wholesale, and consumer lending can develop technology and data solutions for Core Banking, Mortgage Origination and Servicing, Online Banking, Cash Management, Check and Card Processing, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) and related areas.

Capital Markets

We can help securities firms achieve operational excellence and market differentiation, setting them on the road to high performance. IFBusDev LLC offers technology and data solutions to firms in Securities Trading, Asset Management, Investment Services and Treasury for their Front, Middle and Back Office needs.


IFBusDev LLC can help insurers in Life, Health, Property and Casualty insurance achieve high performance so they can deliver quality products at low cost, with market differentiation but without back-office complexity.

IFBusDev LLC Solutions for Financial Services

IFBusDev LLC offers financial industry specific solutions for the banking, capital markets and insurance segments. The solutions are built on IFBusDev LLC’s robust Data Management Services and backed by its award winning Core Engineering Services.

IFBusDev LLC has also implemented and deployed a Loyalty Solution for a leading bank and its partners in retail, airline, energy and mobile service provider segments. This solution can scale to millions of consumers and can handle thousands of transactions a day.

Working with industry partners, IFBusDev LLC can offer the following solutions to financial services customers:

Verify your software

Whether you’re making software for personal budgeting or creating an enterprise CRM integrity of your software should be your focus.  An important service that can be provided is software verification. It is likely that, as an online company operating in 2018, you will have at least one piece of business critical software – applications without which your company would struggle to operate. This can be online checkouts, stock flow systems and support systems. These applications are time consuming and costly to build and will most likely need to be written by an external software supplier.

As a business you could leave the entire software production and maintenance process in the hands of one of these companies but it would make sense to ensure the code is at least a little more secure. What if the supplier folded taking their source code with them? You’d need to start all over again. By verifying your software you can ensure that, should you need to take over the maintenance of a program, everything you need to do so has already been put in place by a third party such as IFBusDev LLC.

Suppliers, too, have a need to ensure the software is verified. Their code will be secure and protected and by using such a system will be reassuring the end user that they are stable.

Secure your database

As an online business you will most likely be keeping a database of your customers, which absolutely key to keep secure. IFBusDev LLC has plenty of software available for exactly this purpose. A vulnerability scanner can check the infrastructure and the database for weak points, which can then be fixed to stop any threats.

There is an auditor available to scan online software for anything likely to be a loophole that viruses and hackers can attack – if online software is secure then your database security will be at a high level too.